Microwave Pressure Cooker Recipes

If you own a microwave and love cooking with it, you will undoubtedly be happy to learn that you will be able to pressure cook in your favorite appliance.  While microwave pressure cookers are not ‘real’ pressure cookers, they will help you to cook even more quickly in your microwave oven.  Microwave pressure cookers are made of plastic and are small enough to fit inside the microwave.  There is usually a locking mechanism, but these cookers do not actually seal shut as will a countertop or electric pressure cooker.  However, most of the steam is kept within the cooker and this will both cook and tenderize the food within.  These are inexpensive cookers that can help you to prepare tender and delicious meals in no time.  

How To Use Your Microwave pressure cooker

Most of these small appliances come with a manual that will contain recipes.  Some of these booklets, however, will contain only 2 recipes, so some adaptation on your part will probably be needed.  The instructions that come with your pressure cooker will tell you to put some liquid in the bottom of the cooker, and the rest of the food to follow, but be careful not to overfill your microwave pressure cooker. Most microwave pressure cookers can use basically the same instructions that you would use were you cooking in a stovetop pressure cooker.  Once the lid has been secured, you simply place the pot into the microwave, set the timer, and let the meal cook.

Finding More Recipes

Although the instruction booklet that comes with your microwave pressure cooker may have few recipes in it, it is easy to adapt the recipes in any pressure cooker cookbook.  There are a number of websites that will provide you with plenty of free recipes specifically designed for pressure cookers.  In addition, books such as ‘The Easy pressure cooker Cookbook’ by Diane Phillips will help to get you started.  You might also enjoy using ‘The Best pressure cooker Cookbook Ever’ by Pat Daily, which contains 200 recipes.  While you will be using basically the same cooking times and high heat that are used with stovetop and electric pressure cookers, remember that these cookers have to be small enough to fit inside the microwave, so will probably be best for small families.