Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Electric pressure cookers can make it much easier and quicker to prepare meals.  Whether you are looking to make a hearty breakfast for the family, soup for lunch, the main course for dinner, or a cheesecake for dessert, you will be able to depend on your electric pressure cooker.  Many people feel that an electric pressure cooker makes cooking more precise than does a conventional, stovetop cooker.  The ability to program the length of cooking time, and the pressure can assure you of food cooked exactly as you wish.

Basically, you will be able to cook the same recipes in an electric pressure cooker as you will in one that goes on the stove.  The major difference will be that you will not be able to make any changes in the recipe while it is cooking, as you are able to do with a non-electric cooker.  So, when choosing a recipe for your electric cooker, make sure that it is one that does not need to be interrupted for any reason, such as adding vegetables at a certain point in time.  However, you will be a bit more flexible when programming the setting, as you are given the choice of low, medium, or high.

A good starting point to finding electricpressure cooker recipes is ‘The pressure cooker

Cookbook Revised’ by Toula Patsalis.  Some of the recipes are basic and simple to make, and are great if you are just learning how to use your pressure cooker.  As there are around 250 recipes in this book, it will be quite some time before you have to worry about running out.

Another very popular electric pressure cooker recipe book is ‘Pressure Cooking For Everyone’ by Rick Rodgers.  This book is on a more advanced level than the one above, and will make your electric pressure cooking even more varied and interesting.  Using this cookbook, you will be able to make delicious meals and side dishes in only minutes in your electric pressure cooker.  If you are looking for gourmet electric cooker recipes, this book will please you in every way. 

No one is satisfied with only one or two recipe books for their electric pressure cooker.  When you are looking to expand the range of meals you can prepare, you might well enjoy ‘The New pressure cooker

Cookbook’ by Pat Dailey.  You will find that this book is a combination of well-loved and familiar recipes formulated for

pressure cookers , and some exciting and rather exotic recipes, too, such as Chicken with Creamed Leeks and Mushrooms.